• Sports

    “Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes, in times of difficulty, can be important role models.”- Bill Bradley

    This is exactly in our mind when we encourage sports in GHRAET. Development of uniqueness in character, the ‘never say never’ attitude and a raring attribute to fight till the last sweat drop are gifts of sports. And, we definitely aspire to endow it on our students. Education is not just about academic knowledge and its practical application. It is building of the personality, enriching human life and ingesting the finest character traits. Undoubtedly, all of this is possible with sports.

    Thus, our curriculum has been so designed which inculcates rich academics along with sports activities in the day to day life of the students. We are bound to fabricate a healthy community and develop lifelong connections with the society; we are very much a part of.

    We aim to develop the following attributes associated with Sports at GHRAET.
    • Development of sports forum
    • A sports coordinator assigned to every institute
    • Intra group sports competition to be organized periodically
    • Invite sports personality in the college to give lectures and take sessions to benefit students
    • Organization of a grand event in the college at the college or the University level
    • Awards for the sports personality of the year
    • Scholarships for the eligible sportsperson.

    • With the above aims in mind, we have catered to the following salient features of sports in our colleges:-
    • Outdoor games- A plethora of outdoor games make sure to provide the much-needed fitness regime for students. Hence, we have the separate outdoor grounds for volleyball, cricket and football.
    • Indoor games- We comprehend the need for indoor sports facilities for our students. Hence, we have developed table tennis, carom, chess, pool and other similar facilities in our indoor sports room. They are well equipped, well lit and well ventilated. There are sports teacher available to assist the students with any query or guide them better.
    • Competitions- Periodically inter- group competitions are organized in the college to motivate the sports person. Then, there is also the intercollegiate held to choose the better among the best.

    • Scholarships- The deserving candidates/students are always applauded by the RGI. Hence, we provide them with scholarships to do better in their field.
    • In the Raisoni Group of Institution, there is always an amalgamation between the knowledge through books and that through sports.

    Whenever in doubt remember-“Champions keep playing until they get it right”- Billie Jean King
  • Engineering & Copmuter Labs

    Computer lab

    ‘Computer themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn’-Steve Jobs

    Innovation and technology have become a part and parcel of the day to day life today. At GHRIAT we make sure to provide you with amenities which are par excellence. Computer laboratory is a part of the same facility. Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory has a plethora of sections. And, each of it provides support to internet applications, design application and programming. Hence, you can be assured of being on the receiving end of knowledge with practical experience with us.

    Our attributes :-
    • Comprehensive assistance-Comprehensive assistance by the lab faculty and educators to assist you with any issues arising in the operation of equipment or software. They are well versed with their job and will be a helping hand as and when needed.
    • High Speed Internet- Our laboratory is coupled with high speed internet. You can be assured of seamless working with the same.
    • Latest Configuration- Our computers are associated with the latest configuration to aid you in better processing. This is not it. The software of the computer is upgraded from time to time. Thus, you will be able to take benefits of the latest with the laboratory.
    • Hands-on-Practical- We comprehend the need of hand-on-practical experience for our students. Hence, we have a good number of computers in our laboratory to suffice the need.

    Computer laboratory is for you to explore new depths of academic pursuits. Hence, utilize it with immense care. While technology never ceases to be the best friend, make sure you do not make it your enemy by misusing it. Do not let it be your worst nightmare.

    Engineering labs

    “The true method of knowledge is experiment.”- William Blake

    Experiment is the most indispensable aspect of education. We at the Raisoni Group of Institutes make certain that the best of the laboratories govern the procedure for education of our students. Learning and imbibing information is a result of practical education and experimentation. Thus, we ensure that every laboratory of our institutes is an epitome of fineness.

  • Food Courts

    “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”-James Beard

    Indeed, we at the G H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology have a similar school of thought. With many number of institutes under RGI umbrella, it becomes our responsibility to take care of every aspect about nurturing students. It may be providing them with education, imbibing knowledge, inculcating moral values or providing them with good food. Every aspect is taken care of with the utmost priority at our institutes.

    Our food courts are no different from the preeminence we are habitual of practicing. Food is the source of energy. And, it needs to be delectable too

    The following aspects are taken care of at our food courts/mess:-
    • Impeccable quality - We believe in serving our students with the best quality food. After all, the nurturing of the body is the need for their complete development. And, we take care of this aspect with utmost intricacy. Our food courts/mess serves the most delicious dishes with the superior quality ingredients.
    • Hygiene is our priority - We practice and pursue complete hygiene in the food court and the mess/kitchen. We do comprehend the need and impact of cleanliness in every nook and corner of the food court. Strict guidelines pertaining to the same is given to the staff and is practiced seriously.
    • Well structured - Whether it is the designing, the place management or the furniture of the mess/food court complete care is taken comprehensively about each aspect. Each and every institute ensures that the food courts are spacious, ventilated and has comfortable furniture. Proper air and lightning needs is also well sufficed in here.
    • Maintenance and inspection - we are well aware of the fact that ensuring well structured food court with all the amenities is not enough. The maintenance is a more pertinent aspect. This is the acumen behind periodic inspection of our food courts. We make certain to not leave a single stone unturned with it.
    • Affordable - The need of the students and their parents is to have a well equipped food court serving mouth-watering dishes at the cost-effective price. We at the GHRAET ensure to keep the price affordable. Our intent behind this step is to assure that each and every student is on the receiving end of proper nutrition at the best price.

    Nurturing your mind, your soul and your life now and always!
  • Safety and Security

    Parents dream for their child, to make sure to inculcate every good manner and aspire them to do something big in life. But, even more than that they care for their safety! The safety of our students is definitely above any vision, an aspiration or dream for them.

    G H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology has been known for the excellence in facilities, latest in amenities and a plethora of opportunities. The group, which has the motto of ‘The vision beyond’ has never ceased to frame novel milestones in the path of education. And, it is doing the same to safeguard the students. Hence, the educational institute is well equipped with state-of-the-art tools and services to provide due safety measures.

    Here are some salient features which we have incorporated in our institutes:-
    • Camera- That ace technology features which never ceases to provide protection is the camera. Thus, we have made sure to put Close Circuit TV camera around the campus. We have them in the corridors, in the common areas and in some class rooms. We also have them in the various laboratories, library and sports room. Hence, you can be assured of a close eye on all the activities of the students with accuracy and precision.
    • Security guards- We have a team of meticulous and careful security guards at each of the gates. The students are only made to enter after they show their ID cards to the guards. This further assures of the safety of each ward. The security guards are positioned in all the campuses.
    • Safe environment- Immense care is taken to provide the educational institute with a particularly safe environment.
    • Moral values- Time and again, emphasis is laid on moral values. Seminars and symposiums on safety are organized in the institute to enable the students pertaining to the awareness about their rights.

  • Hostel

    ‘Hostel- the only place where your experience teaches you everything’

    For a student aspiring to take admission in the college, belonging to another city, the most feasible option is the hostels. Undoubtedly, you need to consider the safety, the facilities and the amenities before you enroll. Our Hostel accommodation is replete with the essentials which are requisite for a comfortable stay. We make sure to instill in the students a culture which aids in their learning better and taking independent well-thought-of decisions.

    We at the G H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology make sure to grant the students with the finest of the amenities to suffice their need :-
    • Safety & Security- Safety and security do not just top the list of priorities in this page, we have made sure to prioritize it in all the educational institutes of RGI with the latest in tools and technology. The state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, the diligent security and our staff make sure to take care of this aspect for the students in the hostel.
    • Mess- While there is nothing in the world which can match the taste of home-cooked food, we do take care of the hygiene of the mess and the quality of the ingredients. The students are able to avail delicious, hot food made in hygienic conditions here at the hostel mess.
    • Co-curricular activities- After a days’ study it is normal to feel the need for some co-curricular activities. Then, there are the students who adore sports. It is for such students that our hostel is well equipped with recreation and sports facility which can be availed after regular study day daily.
    • Medical assistance- - If the need is our hostels have complete medical assistance. In fact, we also have at our disposal ambulance facility to aid the students as and when needed.
    • The hostel staff- We have made sure to appoint the best staff in the hostel, be it the warden or the helpers. Thus, making sure to not leave a single stone unturned in the process of giving comfort to the students.
  • RGI Clubs

    We at the Raisoni Group of Institutes cater to the comprehensive development of the students. We are well aware of the fact that every student is different. At the same time, we also do comprehend that a plethora of co-curricular activities pave pathway for a de-stressed life. For a balanced life of our students we inculcated in their day-to-day life happiness and learning in the form of a variety of clubs.

    Reading Club

    “To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting”- Edmund Burke

    Each and every individual has a different taste in reading. So, when the readers come together under one roof the discussions are phenomenal. If this excites you, our Reading club has plenty of opportunities to pursue the same. In here, we discuss a plethora of books from around the world, be it the Harry Potter or the Wings of fire. Read. Discuss. Ingest. Repeat.

    Music Club

    “The point of good music is to affect the soul”- Claudio Monteverdi

    Music has different forms. But, if you are a music lover every form has the capacity to touch you right there in your heart. It is associated with a mental well being and it aids in thinking eloquently. This is exactly the objective of our music club. With it, we bring the entire music lover together and provided them that amazing platform to nurture their passions and liking for music.

    Fine Art And Craft Club

    “Art enables us to find ourselves & lose ourselves at the same time.”- Anonymous

    If you are an artist you can definitely vouch with the quote. Indeed, that was exactly the real rationale behind forming our Fine Art And Craft Club. At the club we have people sharing the same interest and passion. You can be passionate about any form of art; the club welcomes you and encourages the creativity. Design. Create. Enjoy.

    Drama Club

    “We must all do theatre – to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.”-

    A very apt and beautiful quote. And, if you can relate with it our Drama club will suffice your thirst for acting, directing and editing. It’s a single podium were all the stage lovers get together to create magic. You have immense opportunities to explore with your passion. Live your dream of acting and turn your passion into a driving force.

    Dance Club

    “Dancing is like dreaming, with your feet”- Anonymous

    If this is what you feel about dancing, our Dance club will furbish your soul, rejuvenate your senses and make you experience life. While, there are more than 100 Dance types around the globe, each has its unique flavor and mood. With the Dance club we aspire you to express your emotions and feeling in the most beautiful way through the dance. The club is open for all, whether you are a born dancer, seek to be one or just love the virtue of dancing.

    Sport Club

    “I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated.”- Emmitt Smith

    Sports are exactly about this single yet comprehensive sentence. Thus, our sports club offers an extensive array of sports and fitness option for you, our students. With them you will always find energizing ways to stay focused. With our sports club you will always progress towards your goal. The sports club prepares the students to never give up and work diligently.

    Entrepreneurship Club

    “The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is that you will fail ten times before you succeed.”- Anonymous

    The club has been fabricated with the objective of bringing together the likeminded students, who dream to become an entrepreneur. The club provides the students with knowledge, skills and most pertinent of all motivation to turn their dream into reality. The longest journey starts with a single step, and we make sure that you have taken the first step well. We prepare the students to start from a scratch and pursue excellence.

    Study Circle

    “You become what you study.”- Robert T. Kiyosaki

    We have designed the study circle to ensure that you avail knowledge, imbibe it and ingest it well. The study club brings together the students of all the years together. It focuses on getting educational support from each other. It at the same time allows the members to communicate, learn and re-learn from each other. The result is better and comprehensive learning for personal and career success.

    Robotics Club

    “At bottom robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives, of wondering how we work.”-Rod Grupen

    If the term robotics allures you, if you are intrigued about the Artificial intelligence, the Robotics Club is just for you. The club involves members who are interested to avail knowledge about robotics, the technology that deals with the designs, the construction, the operation and the application of robotic science. The club activities include the discussion on the basics, sharing of ideas, working on projects and facts which are associated with research. And, definitely there is plentiful motivation and support for students to speak and represent their knowledge about the concerned scientists.

    Planning and Development Club (Committee)

    “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”- Alan Lakein

    Every bit true when we have a plethora of committees and clubs in the college. In order to make sure that each and every club works well, we have the Planning and Development Club. It has at least one member from every club as its representative. It maintains an activity calendar of the events for the entire year. It keeps a check on the upcoming events and ensures that the events do not clash with one another. Planning is impeccable with this club.