• Hostel

    ‘A home away from home’ in the truest sense!

    Our institute has a well equipped hostel for students. For parents and students alike reaching out for a hostel can be an overwhelming experience. For the former it is sending their precious away from them. And, for the latter a new life where every step, each decision and every endeavor will act as a fuel to shape their future!

    We at GHRAET ensure to engrave a culture to aid the students in adjusting, learning and living in a conducive environment. It’s our priority to provide them with social, mental and physical safety. Comprehensive care along with the latest in technology tools are made to work in the arena of safety measures. Alarm systems, warden, security staff are pursued for accomplishing the same.

    Our hostel rooms are well furnished and have adequate lighting and ventilation facilities. We do comprehend the need to study in the late hours after college, thus, we have well equipped reading rooms to make this easier. We do have a round the clock power supply. After a diligent day at college the students need recreation facilities at their disposal. Hence, we have the recreation room to relax. And, for the sportsperson in you, plenty of sports facilities to hone your gaming skill or simply bask in the freshness!

    That one aspect that the students miss the most is the home cooked food. It is to take care of this criterion our mess provides with piping hot and fresh food for them. It is every bit delicious and maintains the hygiene standards. We do comprehend the need of medical assistance at any time of the day. Hence, we make sure to provide them with 24/7 ambulance facility and medical assistance if the need might arise.

    The hostel provides with:-

    • Well furnished and spacious rooms with cot, study table, chair and cupboard- aiding in making education as your sole aim
    • Mess providing with hot and fresh food- to keep you energized
    • Recreation room to relax- to replenish you after a day’s work
    • 24/7 ambulance availability- to tackle any health related issues
    • A Medical facility for assistance- to assure health care
    • Uninterrupted power supply- Eliminating any obstacles
    • Sports facility - to ensure an all round development

    And, before we wrap up:-

    Your college life is the first experience you witness the world as an individual. Away from the heaven of your parents’ arms, you have immense to look forward to. They have trusted you with their money, their dreams and your life. Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life, but do remember to inculcate it with discipline, knowledge and skills. The studies you pursue here, the knowledge you gain in this tenure and the character you build will be the stepping stone for your future. Make every minute count!

  • Student Life

    Alumni Yaadein-18

    Antaragni 2018

    Blood and Health Camp


    Expert Lect. on National Solar Vehicle


    Engineers Day

    Expert Lect. on Advance Automobile

    Expert Lect. on Fluids mechanics

    Self Defence & Yoga Day

    Student Forum Installation

    Teachers Day

    Domain Knowledge

    Lecture on CRT

    Parents Meeting

    Kite Flying 2018


    Industrial Visits

    ROBO Adhyeyan

    SDP Lecture

    Placement of students


    Sport Day

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  • Atheletics / Sports

    “Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes, in times of difficulty, can be important role models.”- Bill Bradley

    This is exactly in our mind when we encourage sports in GHRAET. Development of uniqueness in character, the ‘never say never’ attitude and a raring attribute to fight till the last sweat drop are gifts of sports. And, we definitely aspire to endow it on our students. Education is not just about academic knowledge and its practical application. It is building of the personality, enriching human life and ingesting the finest character traits. Undoubtedly, all of this is possible with sports.

    Thus, our curriculum has been so designed which inculcates rich academics along with sports activities in the day to day life of the students. We are bound to fabricate a healthy community and develop lifelong connections with the society; we are very much a part of.

    We aim to develop the following attributes associated with Sports at GHRAET
    • Development of sports forum
    • A sports coordinator assigned to every institute
    • Intra group sports competition to be organized periodically
    • Invite sports personality in the college to give lectures and take sessions to benefit students
    • Organization of a grand event in the college at the college or the University level
    • Awards for the sports personality of the year
    • Scholarships for the eligible sportsperson.

    the above aims in mind, we have catered to the following salient features of sports in our colleges:-

    • Outdoor games- a plethora of outdoor games make sure to provide the much-needed fitness regime for students. Hence, we have the separate outdoor grounds for volleyball, cricket and football.

    • Indoor games- we comprehend the need for indoor sports facilities for our students. Hence, we have developed table tennis, carom, chess, pool and other similar facilities in our indoor sports room. They are well equipped, well lit and well ventilated. There are sports teacher available to assist the students with any query or guide them better.

    • Competitions- periodically inter- group competitions are organized in the college to motivate the sports person. Then, there is also the intercollegiate held to choose the better among the best.

    • Scholarships- the deserving candidates/students are always applauded by the RGI. Hence, we provide them with scholarships to do better in their field.

    In the Raisoni Group of Institution, there is always an amalgamation between the knowledge through books and that through sports.

    Whenever in doubt remember-“Champions keep playing until they get it right”- Billie Jean King
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